Parking Downtown

Parking Downtown

Downtown Carlisle offers multiple parking options. There are plenty of on-street metered parking spaces, several metered parking lots and a parking garage.

Silver Smart Meters

Silver smart meters can be found in a 2-block radius around downtown. These meters have a maximum time limit of 2 hours and can be paid by coins or with credit cards. iPhone and Android users can download the PassportParking app or visit to pay. You can also add time from the app.

Gold Meters

Gold meters are located a little further from the town square, but have a maximum time limit of 10 hours. They are optimal for people who will be visiting for the entire day. These meters accept quarters or payment via the app.

Parking Lots & Garage

Carlisle has several metered parking lots in the downtown that are open to the public, as well as the Pomfret Street Parking Garage, at 35 West Pomfret Street.

Metered Parking Lots

Metered Parking Lots

  1. Pomfret Street Lot, located at 67 W. Pomfret Street
  2. E. Louther Street North, located at 51 E. Louther Street
  3. E. Louther Street South, located at 36 E. Louther Street
  4. Pomfret Street Parking Garage, located at 35 W. Pomfret Street