Downtown Carlisle Assoc.

DCA Mission

The Downtown Carlisle Association’s (DCA) mission and programs are solely crafted and dedicated to the implementation of various aspects of the Borough of Carlisle’s Comprehensive Plan and other revitalization studies, along with the observed need of downtown business owners and stakeholders. With oversight from a community-based volunteer board of directors, regional liaisons, volunteers, and borough leadership, the DCA provides an array of programs dedicated to achieving the common goals of Carlisle, using the managerial structure provided through the National Historic Trust’s 5-point Main Street Approach.

Our Guiding Organizations



DCA follows the National Historic Trust Main Street Principles for its organizational management structure. Trained by the Pennsylvania Downtown Center under the supervision of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, the DCA provides an array of benefits for downtown business & tourism and Borough staff augmentation.

The DCA is a community board managed organization. We exist to benefit the goals of economic development, increased tourism, managed C-1 l and use and housing development, historic preservation, and regional marketing. These goals are all embedded goals of the Borough of Carlisle Comprehensive Plan.

Various programs are created and executed by one full-time main street manager and one full-time assistant main street manager.

Main Street Approach

Through the DCA 5-point Main Street approach the Downtown Carlisle Association gives the Borough of Carlisle a cost-effective resource to assist in accomplishing long-range planning goals set by the comprehensive plan and short-term goals designed by the current Borough Council strategic goals.

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