DCA Purpose

The mission of the Downtown Carlisle Association is to market the assets of Carlisle, thus improving the quality of life, and increasing downtown business, tourism and economic development opportunities.

The DCA is a community board managed organization existing to benefit the goals of economic development, increased tourism, managed C-1 land use and housing development, historic preservation, and regional marketing, all of which are embedded goals of the Borough of Carlisle Comprehensive Plan.

Various programs are created and managed by the DCA Board of Directors and are executed by the Board, one full-time executive director, one part-time Retail Recruiter, and one full-time program coordinator/administrative staff person.

The Downtown Neighborhood Connection is a separate community board which creates Elm Street district neighborhood strengthening programs under the advisement of Borough and County Redevelopment Authority leadership. These comprehensive goals are implemented by the DNC Board, various neighborhood associations, and a full-time Elm Street Manager which is administratively managed by the DCA.

The Elm Street Program through the Downtown Neighborhood Connection, Borough of Carlisle and Redevelopment Authority continues to show great success in strengthening residential neighborhoods, with an emphasis on encouraging home-ownership, rehabilitating older buildings, improving older neighborhoods and avoiding blight.

The façade program has provided close to $80,000 in home improvement monies, neighborhood clean-up days have brought neighbors together to reclaim their neighborhood through maintenance and litter control, new lights on West North and North Pitt have seeded the need for additional lighting in other Elm Street corridors, and the trailblazing partnership between the Elm Street program, East Side Neighbors, Borough of Carlisle and the DCA, acting as fiscal agent for the Biddle Mission Park improvement project, has opened possibilities for other such projects within the Elm Street district. All of these projects show a pro-active interest in the different neighborhoods by residents, borough, county and DNC members.

These Elm Street projects allow home owners to reclaim their streets through a sense of security with added lighting, improved evening recreational facilities with the Biddle Mission Park project, and increased property values and better building stock through the façade program.

Through the DCA 5-point Main Street approach the Downtown Carlisle Association gives the Borough of Carlisle a cost-effective resource to assist in accomplishing long-range planning goals set by the comprehensive plan and short-term goals designed by the current Borough Council strategic goals.