Open a Business

The DCA implements a recruitment program based out of the ERA 2007 Merchandising Mix study and the 2012 Gibbs study. Using these concepts, our team of recruiters have used the momentum of Carlisle’s success to drive our vacancy rate to its lowest point in years.

Embedded within the retail recruitment program, is a retail retention program whereby we network with local businesses and offer management or marketing assistance when an individual business is struggling or the same management or marketing assistance and financial assistance when an entrepreneur is poised to expand within their C-1 business. This list contains a host of information including property owner contact information, square footage, space amenities and more. Our recruiters can make an appointment to tour available spaces or connect you directly with the property owner. Acting as a guide through either process, our retail recruiter would identify needs and solutions for the business owner. These solutions are countless but could include managerial training from local mentors up to the Small Business Development Corporation, direction to fiscal assistance from local, state, federal or private dollars, navigation through local and county building or business expansion codes.

Open a Business

We assist in business expansion through a “one stop shop” listing of currently listed properties that are available for purchase or lease, and additional properties that are not listed but are available through private owners or speculation of current tenant turnover. This list contains a host of information including square footage, utilities.

The DCA also hosts the Downtown Carlisle Property Showcase twice a year highlighting both retail and office space available for lease/sale. This showcase allows participants to tour and envision their business concept in a variety of spaces over the course of an hour. An informational packet including square footage, utility information, space amenities and point of contact for the property is included during the tour. Following the tour participants meet with the DCA and key community partners crucial in the planning and opening of a business. If you are interested in participating in the showcase tour contact Virginia Mauk, Business Development Specialist

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