August 4, 2023

New Parade Route for Ford & Corvette Parades

With the planned implementation of a two-year road construction project which includes the installation of at least one roundabout, changes to the Carlisle Ford Nationals parade route are required.  These changes are beyond the control of Carlisle Events and the DCA.

The new route was carefully evaluated and crafted in a combined effort by the DCA, Carlisle Events, and local authorities.  Participant vehicles will now stage at the Carlisle Expo Center and then proceed north on Pitt St. before turning left (and right) on High St.  Cars that turn left will then cruise to the downtown square before either going straight and continuing on High St. or turning both left and right on North Hanover St.

This route, while different from the standard path into downtown, gives even more of the Carlisle community a chance to see your wheels in motion AND gives those along High St. and North Hanover St. a chance to enjoy the festivities from a whole new angle.  See the Press Release and the Parade Route Map linked below.





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  1. Brett Dellinger

    May 17, 2023

    I would like to sign up for the corvette parade to have my 1975 C-3 in the parade. How do I do that?


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