New Downtown Carlisle Shopping & Dining Guide Available


The Downtown Carlisle Association distributed newly printed downtown Carlisle Shopping, Dining & Business Guides today to various downtown stores & restaurants.   The new guide is streamlined with no articles or advertisements and only showcases types of businesses along with a detailed downtown map with parking, locations of ATM’s, historic markers and other  information.

Moving from 28 pages to 8 pages, the new guide was produced with the current COVID-19 economic factors in mind.  Paper stock, printing costs, quantity of guides and distribution was all a factor in the current guide.  Whereas, in the past over 25,000 were printed with the help of a sponsor and ad sales, this year less than 1,000 were printed with money the Association won for their Small Business Saturday promotion from American Express. Distribution was limited to downtown, and a small amount will be available for incoming War College families at the Upcoming County Fair hosted at USAWC.  “Understanding the plight of the downtown merchant, and the limited scope of the book and cancelled events, where they would normally be distributed, we decided not to solicit ads this year, stated Glenn White, Executive Director of the DCA, “instead we are offering a basic downtown guide, and upgrading it with an online, virtual version for use on phones, tablets or laptops.”


The entire guide has been digitized and is online for people to browse on their phones, tablets or laptops as they are planning their stays or visits to Carlisle.  The guide will be presented in a way where you will be able to flip pages as if you are reading the guide with the ability to zoom in to various locations for reading. 

Located on here the virtual guide will be the cornerstone of new downtown developments and initiatives going forward in COVID-19 recovery.   “We decided on a virtual version of the guide, rather than investing in a stand-alone app, as trends in downtown marketing are moving away from apps quickly as Google, Yelp and Facebook are the new standards in finding what you need specifically in a new town” White noted.  “A new app is being developed, but will not be like previous apps, but will be more specifically designed for a locals or tourists use.” White concluded.

August 5, 2020


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