I help clients be fully connected with life, actively guiding them through their unique relationships and life challenges.

People come see me because they know life can be better. Most people who walk through my door aren’t shattered, their lives breathless in a corner. These people get up every single day and do the thing. But somehow, something still feels off. There’s a connection lying broken somewhere. Maybe it’s with a relationship. Maybe it’s with nature. Maybe it’s with yourself. And maybe, you don’t know what it is, but life just doesn’t seem right. You’re not content. You’re not connected. Not yet.​

I have a unique perspective. One that has allowed me to develop a mental wellness expertise that mixes therapeutic techniques with a variety of practices, from the results-oriented work of coaching to the soul-finding teachings of world theologies and beliefs. This meld enables me to provide a different kind of service than traditional therapy or self-help.

With me, there is no judgement. There is no should. There is just what is.