Looking for something to do in Carlisle or Cumberland County, Pennsylvania then check out our list of upcoming events or stop by the Cumberland County Historical Society to visit our free museum. Count on spending at least half a day to explore the entirety of our permanent galleries or if you only have a few minutes spend some time in our focused galleries including the Carlisle Indian School, folk art (including Wilhelm Schimmel), military history from before the Revolutionary War to modern times, industry, and more. Tours are self-guided and photographs are allowed!

The Cumberland County Historical Society’s Archives and Library is also the perfect place to spend the day for the genealogist, local historian, scholar, or student. One goal of CCHS is to make the history of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania accessible to all patrons. The library is a closed stack, archival library and contains an extensive collection of original documents and manuscripts as well as over 40,000 published volumes. The library is located in CCHS’ main building on 21 N. Pitt Street, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.