Yellow makes us feel happy! It is the color of sunshine and also the color allowing  businesses to open following CDC guidelines. What does that mean for businesses and for customers? It means restaurants will still be doing curbside pickup/take out. Retail stores will be open but curbside pick up is being encouraged. Downtown retail businesses are opening but each store may be a little different in how they are opening. Some stores will be open every day, others Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Some are offering appointment only times to make customers feel safe and others have “golden” shopping hours. However each business owner decides to open, most importantly the are doing their best to make sure they are comfortable and safe as well as their staff and customers. If you aren’t sure when your favorite shop, or new shop you have just discovered on social media is open, the best thing to do is check out their social media page or call the store to hear their hours. Safety is the biggest concern at this point. When shopping downtown please bring your MASKS and your patience. HAPPY SHOPPING!


March 17, 2020


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