Ford Parade


June 1, 2019

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The Parade......
400 Fords line up at the Carlisle Fairgrounds’ Ford Nationals. With a police escort they travel through one of the America’s most historic towns. In rows 3 across, these showcars and their owners are cheered by thousands of onlookers as they parade through this historic downtown. Once in downtown, these Ford vehicles are purposely parked in the center of the street as the show revolves around them. Then...

The Street Party........
Every restaurant, bar, club and store is open in downtown Carlisle as these Ford enthusiasts go from place to place enjoying the nightlife, shopping for a special gift, or just admiring the Fords. A restored 1920s 1,000 seat theater plays a special car enthusiast movie just for the night. Bands are set up on both sides of the downtown and in every club playing music everyone can dance to. It is a great night, magical night... all because of FORD.