Christmas Light Donations


Donations being sought to replace Veteran’s Courtyard lights in trees.

Donations can be made by mailing a check to:

Tree Lights-c/o DCA at 53 West South Street, Carlisle, PA  17013,

or donating HERE


The Downtown Carlisle Association (DCA), Carlisle’s Main Street program, announced the LIGHT UP THE HOLIDAY fundraising campaign to re-wrap the trees in downtown for the holidays.

The organization is looking for tax-deductible contributions to fund the re-wrapping of 6 trees in Veteran’s Courtyard for the holidays.  The 6 trees were wrapped 4 years ago and made a dramatic impact on the square.  When the Christmas tree was lit by Santa after the parade, each of these amazing downtown trees came on with amazing visual impact. To sponsor one tree in lights is $1,000.

As the years have gone by, the trees have grown and lights have become too tight around the tree trunks.  “While this is a beautiful statement of light and excitement in downtown, this year the lights to require maintenance and replacing.” Stated Glenn White, Director of the DCA.

4 years ago the DCA sponsored the wrapping of the trees with over 100,000 lights.   A commercial holiday decorating company, Rileighs from Allentown provided the heavy-duty lights and wrapped the trees.    The entire project costs over $6,000 and includes all new, commercial-grade lights, and a crew with bucket trucks to install.  “As the organization that owns Carlisle’s holiday angel and star lights, and new snowflake lights, we know how magical these lights can be.” stated Tana Emery, Manager of M&T Bank and DCA President.  “Carlisle has become known for these lights at the holidays” she continued.

“A crew of DCA Main Street volunteers have already begun to take the old lights off which saved over $1000” stated Glenn White. “We are now looking for individual sponsors for each tree to fund the program.” He concluded.  If the entire amount can’t be raised the DCA will ask for volunteers to help wrap the trees at a future date.

The “Light-Up the Holidays” project will ask for $1,000 per tree.  The six trees will then be labeled with the sponsor at the base of the tree for the Christmas Parade Weekend, and then on a banner during the holidays and Ice Art Fest.  Other marketing partnerships can be added into downtown Carlisle’s events and programs with the investment


October 4, 2019


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