DCA launches new You Tube channel

The Downtown Carlisle Association has launched a new YouTube.com channel for the increasing amount of videos, news stories, commercials and promotional videos that have been published in recent years.  “We have had great success with media stations recognizing the amazing things happening in Carlisle,” stated Mike Hurley, President of the DCA, “…PCN recently did a 30 minute program on our Main Street efforts, and CBS WHP 21 produced an hour long program about the 25th Anniversary Chip Miller Memorial Corvette Parade in 2015.  It was the largest ever and may have been the largest in the country.”  The DCA organizes many events and downtown economic development projects and revitalization programs and looks for corporate sponsorship to assist in production and growth of the organization.  The YouTube channel is a place the organization hopes to catalog all of the news, promotion and videos of local interest for use in growing support for the DCA mission.

LoveCarlisle.com YouTube Channel

February 23, 2016


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