Memorial Wall will be showcased at Ice Art Fest


Carlisle, Pa – The Downtown Carlisle Association today unveiled a new veteran’s and community memorial wall exhibit to be showcased at the next UPMC Pinnacle Ice Art Fest.  Scheduled for display February 8, 9, & 10, 2019.  The wall, made completely out of crystal-clear ice, will grow in length and height as more veteran’s associations, family members and community members invest in the monument with names of loved ones, community supporters and local groups.    The wall will be in front of a 6’ tall patriotic ice sculpture of an American Eagle, with colored shooting stars and flag like ice carvings.

The Memorial Ice Wall came from discussions on how to get larger sculptures created while engaging more community participation.  “We are in our third year, and while individual sculptures have grown, we really wanted to do something unique for the community, and veterans” stated Larenda Twigg, of the Carlisle Vault and UPMC Pinnacle Ice Art Fest Chair.  “This seemed to be a great way to allow the community to become more engaged in the festival and honor family and friends who have meant so much,” she continued.

“This is something new in ice festivals”, stated Glenn White, Executive Director of the Downtown Carlisle Association.  “A crowd-funded sculpture like this is unique in that the more people contribute the larger it will be.”  The DCA is quick to note also that names on the wall do not need to be deceased but anyone the community is proud to honor.  “We hope to see family names, sports teams, public officials, churches, and anyone else who is proud of Carlisle and our community” concluded White.

The Memorial Wall will be on display at Veteran’s Courtyard, next to the Old Courthouse at the corner of Hanover and High Street.  You can purchase a 5” x 10” ice brick for $50 which allows you 2 lines of 12 characters each line.  Or you can purchase a 10” x 10” block for $90 which allows you 4 lines of 12 characters each line.   Questions on participating or sponsoring the Memorial Wall can be directed to Larenda Twigg, Committee Chair at 717-382-8588, or email


    December 6, 2018


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